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Statement of ESG

Safety, Health, and Environment (S.H.E) is the main priority of AKR and its subsidiaries in daily operations. S.H.E Department was established to create a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working environment

  1. Zero Fatality (Accident resulting in loss of life)
  2. Zero Lost Time Injury (Occupational accident resulting in loss of time)
  3. Zero Cross Over (Swapped or mixed up customer orders)
  4. Zero Product Quality Problems (Problems with product quality)
  5. Zero Spillage (Product spills during loading and unloading)
  6. Zero Potential Fatality Accident (Occupational accidents resulting in possible loss of life).

The commitment of S.H.E Management is realized in the implementation of S.H.E campaign and socialization aimed at instilling and raising awareness of workers and contractors on S.H.E, and evaluating the implementation process of safety control.

Message from Our President Director

Haryanto Adikoesoemo

With the strength of the Company’s logistics infrastructure and disciplined risk management, we managed to achieve a consistent performance during 2020. AKR delivered a commendable performance in 2020, with strong Net Profit growth of 30% reaching Rp925 billion. Our achievement was also driven by consistent growth in the core business and increasing contributions from new businesses developed with partners. We also successfully managed operating expenses, working capital, and capital structure so our profitability margins improved. Our balance sheet and cashflow were remaining strong in 2020, our gearing ratio went down to 22%. In addition to financial achievements, the Company also places Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as its main concerns. We believe that sustainable growth can only be realized if we are able to grow together with the environment and the surrounding community.

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